Santa Claus

Detta spex skrevs inför datavetarnas julfest 2001 men framfördes aldrig. Det kanske var lika bra det...

(mel. 'The lumber jack song')

I'm the SantaClaus and I'm O.K.
I work all night and I sleep all day.

He's the SantaClaus and he's O.K.
He work all night and he sleeps all day.

I wrap my gifts, I write my cards,
I sit under a rag.
I push down all the presents
in my christmas bag.

He wraps his gifts, he writes his cards,
he sits under a rag.
He push down all the presents
in his christmas bag.

He's the SantaClaus ...

On christmas day I travel
'round in my christmas suit.
I'll peek in through your window
as I am flying by.

On christmas day he travels
round in his christmas suit.
He'll peek in though your window
as he is flying by.

He's the SantaClaus ...

I'll take my brand new beta cam
I'll tape all that I see.
And all the dirty movies
goes to Playboy TV.

He'll take his brand new beta cam
(Spoken rather than sung)
he tapes all that he see...
What a pervert..! You scum!
Taping my bedroom?!

He's the SantaClaus ...

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