Amiga Software and Hardware hacks

Below are a few of my Amiga hacks. I intend to continue the development of these eventually, but currently time is not at hand. If you have suggestions or comments about the programs don't hesitate to send them to me. To the right you can find links to some hardware hacks I have collected. Some are my own design, others are from the Aminet.



Wriggle ScreenShoot

An intriguing worm game where you control the worm with the mouse. This might be tricky at first, but after a few rounds you'll see the advantages with a non-square worm. Move freely in the world and pick up the food and other bonus items.

Download latest version
Old versions: v2.1 | v2 | v2β | v1.5



I were for some time very unsatisfied with the functions of the tool eval (a part of Amiga OS). I was hoping for an update in Amiga OS 3.5, but no changes were made. Therefor I wrote my own tool for mathematical evaluations, and since no update were made in Amiga OS 3.9 either, I'm glad I did. I did contact both Amiga Inc. and Haage&Partner to offer this tool as a contribution but they did not seem interested. In the second Boing Bag for OS 3.9 they finally fixed some of the bugs in Eval, but Ev still includes more features.

The worst things about the old eval:

  • It can't count! 1+2*3 should equal 7 not 9!! (no priorities?)
  • It only supports integers, no fractions, no binary numbers etc.
  • To few functions to be of any real use
  • Not flexible enough to be user friendly

Ev is improved in these areas and some other:

  • The priorities are correct! 1+2*3 = 7
  • Ev supports all the old Eval input for compatibility reasons (except for e)
  • Support for binary numbers added in input and output
  • Support for fractional numbers added with correct rounding of decimals
  • New flexibility added with support for:
    • The constants pi and e
    • the words and (&), or (|), not (~)
    • both <<, >> and lsh, rsh (and l, r) for left/right shift
    • d## and @d for decimal input and output
    • several new ESC-codes in output (tab, bell, form feed etc.)
    • number of digits in octal and hexadecimal output is configurable
    • multiplication without '*'-token in obvious places
    • reading expressions from a file or stdin
    • multiple expression calculation
    • variables
  • Several new functions:
    • absolute value (abs)
    • square root (sqrt)
    • factorial (!)
    • powered numbers (^)
    • trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan, asin, acon, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh)
    • random number (rnd)
    • logarithmic functions (ln, log, log2, logx)
Source code: ev.cev.lexev.yac

Char Counter

Finds the n'th character in a file and displays it and its surroundings. Nice to have around when a program (a compiler for instance) tells you there is an error on character 4711 in a file.

Download | View C source

JiVe Menu System


JWMenu ScreenShoot

A menu. No more, no less. No fancy GUI, no preference program, no extra garbage. It's small, only 3k, requires very little memory, and practically no CPU time. 100% system friendly (if configured correctly...)

Download | View Amiga E source

S n o O o w !


SnoOow! ScreenShoot

A nice window with falling snow. Very configurable!

Download | View Amiga E source

Amiga related hardware information
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Amiga hardware hack
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Some art

These objects and scenes are created using Real3D on my Amiga 1200. Click on the images for a larger picture.

A table with some stuff on it A piano

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